Updates to my Etsy Store

I’ve fully updated my Etsy store, and it’s now chock full of prints, original paintings, and embroidery work. All the recent works I’ve posted here are now available to purchase!


Watercolor: Mad Max Art

I originally didn’t even want to see Mad Max: Fury Road because it looked like typical summer movie fare, but reports that it was secretly feminist drew me in. I’m so glad I saw it – it was the most entertaining action I think I’ve ever experienced, and was flat-out feminist. To celebrate how awesome I thought it was, I’ve done some art:


Furiosa, 12×16″, watercolor

Obviously, Charlize Theron’s Furiosa is the most amazing character in the film, so I had to paint her first. This painting is available matted and framed for $200 at the Zapow Gallery in Asheville, NC (8×10″ prints available through the gallery or by commenting here).

I loved all the women in the film, though, so I also painted the wives, in a more cartoon-y style:

wives fin

We Are Not Things, 15×20″, watercolor

This painting is currently unframed, and available for $150. Prints also available upon request.

Watercolor: No Longer Wild


12×16″ watercolor painting. The original work has sold, but prints are available here.

This piece came about from reading Where the Wild Things Are too many times, and thinking about the way imagination is encouraged in children but not in adults. Also, I’m angry about the prevalence of un- or under-employed millennials in this day and age.