Draw it Again: Revisiting Old Art

I did the following painting in 2013 – I had only been using watercolors for a year or so, and this was the first big portrait I did in them:


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Experiments in Framing Small Paintings

I recently did a couple of tiny watecolor paintings, mostly so I could have the satisfaction of finishing something quickly. I was happy with how they turned out:



But then I was left with the problem of how to display such small pieces (2×2″, 3×5″, and 4×4″). So, I experimented with a couple of different options.

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Watercolor: Sunset

I just spent a lovely two weeks in Port Isaac, in north Cornwall. We had fantastic weather, and I came back desperate to start painting the sea. Here’s the first attempt:

port isaac

9 x 12″ watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper. Original available on Etsy.

I was actually practicing a more realistic style and the clouds in the sunset were driving me UP THE WALL, so I just decided to do one that invoked Edvard Munch’s expressionism. Swirly lines and primary colours for the win!